You might want to diet, but maybe it’s NOT the time to diet!⁠ Here’s when not to diet…

When not to diet…

  • You’ve just had a baby⁠
  • It’s a busy season at work/in your business⁠
  • It’s the holidays⁠
  • You’re buying/selling/moving houses⁠
  • The kitchen is being remodeled⁠
  • You’re traveling a lot⁠
  • Sleep has been particularly elusive lately⁠
  • You’re struggling with or recovering from illness⁠
  • You’re dealing with an autoimmune flare⁠
  • It’s endurance event training season⁠

There are certain times that just aren’t conducive to being in a caloric deficit… times when ‘dieting’ can actually cause more harm than good.⁠ Yes, there are times when not to diet.


You can certainly be mindful about your eating, like working to avoid emotional eating patterns, etc., but putting yourself into some restrictive diet while juggling other things like illness, stress, or travel can be detrimental to both your short- and long-term health.⁠

Inside my group coaching program, Create Your Masterplan Method, you will learn exactly how to diet, around your lifestyle, so that you reach your goals, improve your physique, and feel strong and healthy, all at the same time.⁠

This 8-week sustainable fat loss program gives you everything you need to create your own custom 12-month nutrition and fitness masterplan so you can get the results you deserve on your terms.⁠

Why it’s important to have a plan 


Inside, my 8-week program, you’ll get:⁠

  • Live 1:1 coaching in a group setting⁠
  • Workouts, training plan, and accountability⁠
  • Personalized masterplan via periodization and macros⁠
  • Bonus hormone health resources & access to discounted testing⁠
  • Accountability and support from women with similar goals

Plus, so much more!⁠

If you want to experience success in anything you need a plan. The Create Your Masterplan Method gives you that plus the expert-level guidance and accountability you need to succeed.⁠

Check out everything included with your enrollment HERE.

Are you ready to take massive action and embrace a final solution in your health journey?

The Create Your Masterplan Method will help you figure out EXACTLY what you need to do to change your body composition for good with all of the knowledge and confidence you need to get the job done!

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