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John: I have my life back thanks to Dr William Davis!

I’ve been following the principles Dr Davis teaches for almost 5 years now. And it’s changed my health forever, so much so, my own primary care practitioner was so impressed with my blood labs that she asked me what I was doing.

Photos above are of me when I was 50 years old on the left and 58 years old on the right. I happen to have lost 80 lb effortlessly with zero exercise following Dr Davis’s Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox book and Wheat Belly revised & expanded book.

I’ve known Dr. Davis was working on this new highly anticipated book for the past couple of years. Reading Super Gut was like watching a firework show with light bulb moments happening in my head page after page. It all makes so much sense. I guess that’s what the truth is all about.

Learning how to put good bacteria back into our gut can and will change your life. For instance, I have more energy, better sleep, no more skin irritations, smoother skin and less wrinkles, no more mood swings, increased libido, stronger at 60 than I was at 30, and more empathy.

I feel extremely lucky to have come across Dr. Davis five years ago and then becoming part of his private Facebook group has been priceless! It was hard in the beginning learning so many new things however, his private Facebook groups have tons of support and guidance from the other members and the admin.

I believe this is the early frontier for the gut microbiome and I couldn’t be happier to be on this journey that is being led by Dr William Davis!


M. Gillam: What an eye-opener

Gut health is one of the most exciting new developments in medical research today, but it’s hard to find trustworthy information. So this book is a welcome revelation – Dr. Davis not only explains what good (and bad) gut health is, but outlines the many ways we can take direct action to identify, correct and improve it. The book is such an eye-opener that it reads like an entertaining whodunnit, and I could hardly wait to finish it so that I can get started on improving my health (especially the home made yogurts!). As with his earlier books, Dr. Davis reveals unvarnished truths that you won’t hear from your regular doctor, let alone the non-prescription solutions to common problems. His ‘Wheat Belly’ books helped put my general health back on track, and now I’m sure this gut-guide will take it to the next level. An essential book for anyone interested in raising their health to its maximum potential.



FAD: Fix Your Gut

A MUST HAVE book! – – Dr. Davis could have sat pat with Wheat Belly, Total Health, and Undoctored, yet has been putting large effort into moving forward to new territory. SIBO, improving probiotics and prebiotics are a key focus areas. SIBO impacts 1 of 3 at least, hiding as IBS and other names.

The front includes a ton of important discussions on where we are and how we got here – it’s not pretty! But the book is clear on how to fix that devoting key steps to move to better health.

There are also several places to get involved from a group perspective on Facebook, Inner Circle, and Dr. Davis Infinite Health on the web – – – time to get this book and start putting those toxic Rx symptom hiders away for the real thing.


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