Why self-awareness is the missing piece in your fat loss goals…

Well, quite simply, you can’t change what you can’t see.

What did you eat yesterday? Can you tell me about every single thing that passed your lips?

How about, how much did you eat? Can you tell me the total calories you consumed?

In any given week, what types of foods do you eat?

How many green veggies?

How much fiber?

What about sugar?

If you’re like most women, giving those specific details can be difficult. Why?

Because most of us are not tracking our intake. Or maybe we’re tracking, but not accurately.

And that’s okay… unless you’re working toward a health goal… and especially if you’re feeling ‘stuck’ while working toward that goal.

You see, you can’t change what you can’t see.

You may not remember that handful of chips or that extra glass of wine… but your body does!

This is why we start my 8-week group coaching program with an in-depth nutrition audit so you can review and assess your exact starting point and learn how to make customized recommendations based on your specific needs.

This helps you be more mindful, and it helps you make more accurate assessments and adjustments.

And this means better results (with less stress!) for you!

Ready to see the progress you’ve been looking for?

Join the Create Your Masterplan Method, my 8-week group coaching program.

This program is not a macro challenge. It’s not 8 weeks of starving yourself and doing excess cardio, just to lose 5 pounds and gain it all back a few weeks later.

Instead, this 8-week group coaching program is a final solution and step-by-step process for learning HOW to change your body composition (without restriction and frustration) and WHAT exactly you need to do to make it happen.

This program is NOT a cookie cutter, templated approach, so you’ll learn why you can’t diet forever and why it’s important to plan out your nutrition (i.e. periodization via cutting, reverse dieting, etc.) and workouts ahead of time in order to achieve the best results possible. This is just ONE piece of the 8-week curriculum.

Check out everything included with your enrollment HERE.

The Create Your Masterplan Method will help you figure out EXACTLY what you need to do to change your body composition for good with all of the knowledge and confidence you need to get the job done!


P.S. Be sure to check out what women have said about their experience inside this program. Read and listen to their testimonials HERE.

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