If you’re stressed out, you probably need the adrenal cocktail in your life. Yes, really. It’s that simple! So, what are the benefits of the adrenal cocktail?

So, what are the benefits of an adrenal cocktail?

In a nutshell, the adrenal cocktail provides vitamin C and electrolyte support to help nourish your adrenal glands.




During times of stress, our bodies lose vitamin C and important minerals (electrolytes).

Here’s a perfect example…

When you run a marathon or half marathon, your skin will literally get salty as you move, sweat, and sodium is lost from your body.

And if you were to collapse at the end of that endurance event (yes, endurance training is very stressful on the body), a medic or nurse would give you an electrolyte drink or gel to replenish your body.

As you see, when our bodies are depleted of these essential electrolytes, our bodies don’t work properly. Obviously, in the case of endurance events, but in our everyday lives too.

Chronic stress impacts sooooo many aspects of our lives… mentally, emotionally, physically… and while there is not one thing that will ‘fix’ stress, supporting your adrenals is a good place to start.

Your adrenals are essential in making the hormones you need to deal with stress. An adrenal cocktail is one way of making sure you are getting the nutrients you need to maintain hormone and electrolyte balance in your body. It can provide energy, support hydration, and help counter fatigue.

The purpose of the adrenal cocktail is to provide support via important electrolytes sodium and potassium, which are much better absorbed together as well as whole food vitamin C. ⁣

By giving your adrenals what they need, it helps your body respond properly to stress.⁣ Replenishing those minerals, especially sodium, potassium, and magnesium, promotes overall health and hormone balance in the body.⁣


Adrenal Cocktail Recipe

🔹1 cup organic orange juice

🔹1-2 tsp cream of tartar

🔹1-2 tsp sea or celtic salt


Adrenal Cocktail Variations

You can also add other ingredients to make variations of the adrenal cocktail. You might add:

  • collagen, grass-fed preferably, to add more amino acids.
  • Himalayan pink salt for its 84 essential minerals to help nourish the adrenals
  • full or low-fat coconut cream or coconut water
  • cranberry juice instead of orange juice
  • lime juice**

** I heard a rumor if you add lime juice to your adrenal cocktail, it tastes like a margarita!

Where to start

Start slowly with the ‘original’ recipe listed above with orange juice, cream of tartar, and salt. If you can’t use any of those ingredients, try the alternatives listed above. Some people who are extra sensitive may wish to start with 1⁄4 – 1⁄2 recipe to let the body adjust gradually. Ideally, adrenal cocktails should be taken away from food and consumed around 10 AM or 2PM, if possible. However, if your schedule makes it difficult to take them at these times, then take them when you can. It’s better to take them with food than not at all. Find what works best for your schedule!

In the long-term

Most people start with one adrenal cocktail per day and eventually work up to two per day after a few weeks or months, depending on how their body responds. Some will experiment and find that they respond well to more than two per day, and others find they don’t need them every day. This is a very personal experience, as is finding the recipe that works best for you.

Recommended products

There are some pre-made adrenal cocktail options that may help you with convenience. Obviously, you can mix up an adrenal cocktail in just a couple of minutes, but sometimes having a pre-made mixture on-hand can help you be much more consistent with this habit. What are the benefits of the adrenal cocktail?

PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin is an all-in-one adrenal cocktail powder. It includes sodium, potassium, and modified citrus pectin, which is a source of wholefood vitamin C that also supports the digestive tract in a variety of ways. It’s an all-around great product and all you need is water – super simple!

You can grab PectaSol-C from my online dispensary via the link below. Just sign up for an account and search under my Mineral Balancing Favorites.


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