The One Thing I Always Pack When Traveling With Kids

Ever since the boys were little, we’ve packed this on trips…

Fun card games. We play them on flights, before dinner, at the Airbnb, at restaurants, on the beach — they’re perfect for those in-between times when kids need a little entertainment, but you’re not in the mood to deal with phone angst. And cards easily fit into a purse or bag and weigh essentially nothing.

Our three current favorites are:
Guess Who (always hilarious; Toby once asked, “Does your person look like John C. Reilly?”*)
Uno (a classic)
Too Many Monkeys (easy to learn and fast paced)

What about you? What do you always bring? (This is the first thing I pack for myself.)

* I have literally no idea how Toby knows who John C. Reilly is.

P.S. The weird thing we do on vacations, and one of the best parts of trips.

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