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We’re slowly but surely getting settled in to our new house. We still have boxes to unpack and furniture to buy, but our home is finally at the point where it feels homey. Before we moved, our lives were packed away in boxes and everything just felt so unsettled. Now, I finally feel like things are coming together and our new house is starting to feel like a home.

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One thing that really started to make our house feel like a home was a special shipment from The Bouqs, a new flower delivery service that’s easy (just order online), fresh, and beautiful.


The flowers are cut the SAME DAY that you order them and then shipped the very next day, so you’ll receive them quickly, which means they’ll last longer.


The flowers are shipped directly to your door from farms, so they’re not waiting in warehouses until they’re ordered. This, of course, means that your order is always fresh, high-quality, and gorgeous.

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You can also include a special note with your flowers if you chose to gift them to someone else. I sent a bouqs to Mal. Awwww! He thought it was very sweet.


What was especially great about ordering from The Bouqs is whatever you saw on their website was exactly what you received in the mail””no substitutions, teddy bears, or cheap candy. What you see is what you get.


I also liked that there was a filter option, so you could shop by color or specific flower. Snapdragons and sunflowers are some of Mal’s favorites, so I ordered the Majestic and Marvelous bouqs. Both arrived as beautiful as they appeared online.


The bouqs are really affordable since the price you pay is just one flat rate””no up-sells or hidden costs””and shipping is always free. Don’t ya love that? Again, what you see is what you get with The Bouqs. If you’d like to try out The Bouqs for yourself, click here to browse their Bouqs and use code SUNSHINE to receive 15% off your order! Just a heads-up: This offer expires on 8/6/15. 


Another neat thing about the flowers from The Bouqs is that they are grown on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador. They get a ton of sunshine and the mineral-rich soil makes for even prettier flowers. All of the flowers are grown at sustainable, eco-friendly farms that follow strict responsible farming practices. They are also 3rd party certified by Veriflora and The Rainforest Alliance, so you can feel good about your purchase.


This bouqs was so huge, I didn’t have a vase big enough for it, so I ended up splitting it into two smaller vases, which meant we had even more fresh flowers throughout our home!


I really enjoyed my first experience with The Bouqs, and I know we will use this service again in the future. It was so incredibly easy (and fun!) to place my order, and the quality of what arrived at our home was quite impressive. The bouqs were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. They definitely made our home feel warm, cheerful, and more like our own.


Questions of the Day

Finish this sentence: Home is where the _____ is?

What is your favorite flower(s)?

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