Welcome to another episode of the Carrots ‘N’ Cake podcast. I had the joy of interview my longtime friend and OG blogger, Theodora Blanchfield.

Theodora is a Los Angeles-based writer and started her, blog Preppy Runner, in 2009. As a journalist by training, her writing has always followed her life. She’s written on everything from weight loss, to running & to mental health.

Theodora struggled with depression and anxiety, and then grief, after losing her mom to ovarian cancer in July 2017. Sharing her struggles has taught her the power of vulnerability, which she enjoys sharing with others.

Theodora recently completed her masters in clinical psychology and plans to purse a career as a therapist.

Theodora and I chatted about how loss inspired her to go back to school to become a therapist. She also shares some details about her experience with ketamine for depression and how to proactively manage stress.

You can find Theodora on IG @theodorable as well as her websites.


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