Transformation of the Day: Jasmine lost 81 pounds with WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers. During her journey, she adopted healthier habits like cutting out Pepsi and drinking more water instead.

Jasmine before and after weight loss

I’ve lost more than 80 pounds. I started doing WW (formerly Weight Watchers) in January 2021. The reason I wanted to lose weight was due to a family history of diabetes, which I do not want to get. I love this journey I’m on, and I will continue my journey to health and wealth.

What inspires you to keep going, even if you feel like giving up?
I’m inspired to keep going because I love how my health has improved. My goal is never to need to use my inhaler for asthma again!

How did you change your eating habits with Weight Watchers?
WW now customizes your own personal plan. So it’s your plan and no one else’s, which is nice. I barely eat red meat or pork. Instead, I increased the amount of boneless chicken I eat. I also ate a lot more greens and fruit. 

I used to drink Pepsi daily. However, I haven’t had Pepsi for more than a year. I drink at least 10 cups of water daily, and I don’t eat past 7 pm. 

What did your workout routine consist of? How many days a week did you work out?
I work out 3-4 days a week. My workout consists of mainly walking and some strength training. In addition, I want to start running soon. The goal is to aim for 45 minutes per workout. 

What was your starting weight? What is your current weight?
My starting weight was 307 pounds, and my current weight is 226 pounds.

What is your height?
I’m 5’3″.

How long did your transformation take?
It took more than a year, and I’m still going.

Is weight loss surgery part of your journey?
Weight loss surgery is not part of my journey.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
I learned that consistency is key, as well as never giving up.

What advice would you like to share with women who want to lose weight?
My advice to other women: You need to have the mindset that you want to lose weight. If you don’t, you won’t lose weight. 

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