BURNOUT is a hot topic right now… ⁠as well as the idea of STRESS BOD…

I’ve personally experienced it and see it A LOT with our clients. ⁠

It’s a real thing, and it will absolutely affect your health and weight loss efforts! ⁠

⁠We all know what ‘traditional’ stress feels like…⁠

  • A pounding heartbeat when running late⁠
  • Sweaty palms before a big meeting⁠
  • Feeling like you are about to blow your top when the day goes badly⁠

But another, more subtle kind of stress is one that our bodies experience on the regular…⁠


We often see this kind of stress as…⁠

  • uncertainty of a pandemic⁠
  • pressures of parenthood⁠
  • lack of work-life boundaries⁠
  • broken sleep⁠
  • never-ending To Do lists⁠
  • rushing, rushing, rushing⁠
  • financial worry ⁠
  • excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption⁠

These stressors are so ingrained into our daily routines, we often don’t even notice that they’re there… or we simply think they’re normal and not *really* stressing us out. ⁠

​What is stress bod?

But, the REAL issue is, these stressors accumulate and can wear us down—leaving us feeling foggy, listless, tired, puffy, bloated, and sore. ⁠And, of course, there’s the weight GAIN or inability to LOSE weight. This struggle is REAL for a lot of stressed-out women!

That’s because the physical response to stress involves ALL the body’s systems, including the nervous, immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and digestive systems.⁠

Yep, stress affects every function in our body! 😳 ⁠

And, this is the where there’s a disconnect for a lot of women (thanks to diet culture)… ⁠

Even if you…⁠

🔹crush a workout and lift heavy ⁠
🔹hit your macros⁠
🔹put down that pint of ice cream⁠
🔹take a yoga class⁠
🔹add green powder to your smoothie⁠

… the effects of chronic low level stress can make our health goals MUCH harder to reach.⁠

Feel like you’re struggling to see results? Does ‘stress bod’ resonate with you? ⁠

If you need some help simplifying your fat loss efforts, 
we can help!


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