I’m guilty of overtraining and pushing my body to the max when it comes to my workouts. Sure, high-intensity workouts are a lot of fun, but what if you don’t know when to stop, rest, and slow down? How to tell if your workouts are *too* intense? 

One thing that really helped me be honest with myself and workouts was ⁠Heart Rate Variability. 🫀⁠

It’s something that you can track on a smartwatch, so if you have an Apple watch or a Garmin, it can give you data on how your body responds to certain activities, like exercise.⌚️⁠

Basically, with heart rate variability, it’s not your actual pulse. It’s not like the actual heartbeat, it’s the time in between those beats.⏱ ⁠

The more variability there is between those beats, the more likely your body is to recover from a workout and is responding to that stress in a good way. 🏋️‍♀️⁠

On the flip side, if there’s not a lot of variability in between those heartbeats, it means that you’re stressing out your body and you’re not recovering well. 🫠⁠

I talk more about this in my recent Youtube video!🎥⁠ Be sure to give it a watch! 

But, here’s a lil nugget to slip into your back pocket today…

✨If you’re starving between workouts with crazy cravings that are hijacking your body composition goals consider changing the way you work out.✨⁠

It could be that your body is unable to recover and likely needs more calories. ⁠And, of course, I hope this post help you figure out how to tell if your workouts are *too* intense.

Share this with your workout partners and get the conversation going – what does your recovery look like? 👀⁠ 

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