Today I am so excited to share an interview I did with OG blogger, running coach and long-time friend, Monica Olivas. Better known online as RunEatRepeat.

Monica is a RRCA Running Coach and Holistic Health Coach based out of Southern California. She started walking and running to lose weight after high school and ended up falling in love with it. She lost weight, but is more proud of running 32 marathons and dozens of half marathons. Today she shares tips and tricks for runners of all levels on the site and on Instagram at Run Eat Repeat.

In today’s episode, Monica and I chat all things running. Including:

  • How to NOT hate working out (or running).
  • The secret to success in running.
  • Mental training and training for a race.
  • Weight loss, intuitive eating & running.
  • Plus, lots of catch up & fun!

You can find Monica online at or social platforms @runeatrepeat.


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