Help! What Non-Alcoholic Drinks Do You Like?

Over past summers, Alex and I have loved drinking white wine on the stoop in the evenings or enjoying post-bike-ride beers, but! We are drinking less alcohol these days and looking for great non-alcoholic drinks instead. (I still love a fizzy drink at night.) Here are two that I like, and I’d love to hear your recs…

1. Perrier Lime Flavored Mineral Water. Sometimes flavored seltzer has such a strong synthetic smell that it hits you in the face. But Perrier’s lime is light and refreshing. You taste the fruit on the tip of your tongue, as if you’d dropped a small lime wedge into your sparkling water. I like drinking it while watching TV or after a neighborhood walk.

2. GuS Grown-Up Soda. Have you tried this? It’s crisp and very lightly sweetened with juice and a touch of sugar. I went to the ballet earlier this week and stashed the grapefruit one in my bag; it was delicious to drink at intermission, and I did feel very grown up!

What non-alcoholic drinks do you like? Please share below…

P.S. How I changed my relationship with alcohol, and a five-minute cantelope lemonade.

(Top photo by Inga’s Bar. Drinks photos from Perrier/Instagram and GuS/Instagram. Homepage opening photo of water with berries by Sophia Hsin/Stocksy.)

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