I don’t know who needs to hear this… but it’s okay to lower your expectations for yourself.

For years, I pushed myself to the max. I had to be ‘the best’ at everything I did…

  • The best at sticking to my diet.
  • The best at hitting PRs in the gym.
  • The best at seeing scale progress.

And all of it was so stressful!

I never felt like I was good enough and it turns out, the only thing I was ‘the best’ at, was draining my energy, trashing my hormones, feeling miserable, and developing bad habits disguised as discipline.

I finally had enough and made the decision to make a change.

I decided to lower my expectations of being ‘the best’ and instead focus on being kinder to my body. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but giving myself some grace (and rest!) when it came to my workout routine made all the difference.


What if you cut yourself some slack?

What if you focused on imperfect consistency?

What if you embraced a less is more mentality?


Do you think you’d be happier?

Do you think your hormones would be more balanced?

Do you think you’d have more energy and see better results?


I say, absolutely yes!


Registration for my brand-new program, SweatMadeSimple, is now open!


SweatMadeSimple is a dumbbell-based fitness program designed to give you better results in less time – all workouts are 20 minutes! Designed to help you workout smarter, not harder, Sweat Made Simple is the ideal blend of efficacy and challenge with a hefty dose of accountability and support thrown in!


If you’re ready to get results using purposeful, efficient, and consistent exercise programming, this is for you!


Check out all the details HERE


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