In this episode, I share some solutions for how to exercise with adrenal fatigue. Perfect world: You would only walk for fitness, but I get it… cutting back is HARD, so I share how I was able to find balance with exercise and healing.

It’s possible to recover from overtraining, but you need to have patience with the process and figure out a balance with how to exercise with adrenal fatigue. I share my personal story as well as the exact steps I took to heal my body. 

Listen to my story here in EP122: The overtraining episode

Weekly exercise routine for adrenal fatigue

  • 3 full-body strength workouts (30 minutes) on non-consecutive days
  • 2 walks (20-30 minutes, intervals: 30 seconds brisk pace, 2 minutes easy pace)
  • 2 rest days (might include easy walking or yoga)

Why this approach works

  • The strength training component is foundational and will help you increase lean muscle mass, which also aids in blood sugar stability because your muscles use glucose for fuel.
  • The ‘cardio’ component is long enough to help you burn fat, but without causing the adrenals to become overstimulated. When you’re recovering from adrenal fatigue, anything longer than 20-30 minutes can be stressful and cause cortisol levels to rise, so be sure to hold yourself accountable to this limit even if you’re used to pushing yourself longer and harder.

When should you exercise?

Since women with adrenal fatigue tend to have irregular cortisol spikes, like right before bed or, worse, in the middle of the night, morning workouts can help regulate your daily cortisol pattern. Cortisol is supposed to be its highest first thing in the morning, so you want to work with that!

In fact, waking up with energy and motivation to exercise will be a sign that your adrenals are on their way to healing!

One final thought

Exercise should make you feel ENERGIZED, not drained. If you feel exhausted after your workouts or unmotivated to do them all together, your exercise routine is probably not ‘working’ for you.

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