This episode shares my personal experience with the CellCore protocol and ulcerative colitis as well as possible symptoms related to parasites and how to determine if a protocol is right for you.

Parasite self-screen quiz

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I’ve received a number of questions about the parasite protocol that I’m currently implementing, so I wanted to share some details bout it. I’m still learning about parasites and figuring it all out, but this episode covers my personal experience as well as possible symptoms related to parasites. I also share some factors to consider to help you determine if a protocol is right for you. You can listen to the podcast episode here: CellCore parasite protocol + ulcerative colitis

“If you have a pulse, you have a parasite.” -CellCore founder

CellCore parasite protocol + ulcerative colitis

I share all the details of my healing journey – from begging my GI doctor for medications to being completely medication-free months later. You can listen to that podcast episode here: Only you can heal yourself

When I was at my worst with symptoms, I made a deal with the universe: If I could heal my body, I would help others do the same, so I started putting together ALL of the details of my healing journey, and I’m offering it for free to anyone who wants it. Just sign up via the link below!

Carrots ‘N’ Cake healing journey document


  • Rob you of energy
  • Sink hole for vitamins and minerals
  • Harbor mold, toxins, heavy metals
  • Most active at night → no sleep → hormone imbalance 
  • Liver flukes —> hormone issues
  • Digestion issues → can’t absorb nutrients, amino acids, minerals 
  • Steal your health
  • Hold you back from healing → mold, candida, etc. 

Where you find parasites:

  • Sushi
  • Fish, pork
  • Travel out of the country
  • Walk barefoot
  • Pets 
  • Lakes, ponds

Symptoms of parasites:

  • Brain issues, brain fog
  • Sinus infections
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Teeth grinding
  • Anal itching (pin worms)
  • Diarrhea, colitis
  • Parasite ‘poop’ is ammonia-based → histamine reactions (sinus, mucus, headaches, etc.) 
  • Anemia (steal iron)
  • Mucus in stool
  • Skin issues
  • Carb cravings
  • Always hungry 

When nothing else works = parasites


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