Welcome back for another episode of the Carrots ‘N’ Cake podcast. Today I am excited to chat all about one of my favorite athletic brands, Hylete.

HYLETE is a fitness apparel brand that is community built and driven, founded in 2012 with a focus on building great products made to withstand intense training sessions and also offer comfort outside of the gym.

HYLETE started as a quest to make the perfect training short 10 years ago, and has grown to now offer an extensive line of men’s and women’s fitness apparel and gear that is built for
performance and inspired by community feedback.

HYLETE strives to listen to consumers and their community, and their feedback goes straight into innovating and developing new products.

In this episode, I chat with Alicia Gonzalez. Alicia is the Senior Marketing Manager and has been a part of the HYLETE team for the past seven years. As HYLETE’s Senior Marketing Manager, she is on the ground floor of all marketing initiatives for the direct-to-consumer focused performance apparel brand. As the point person for media inquiries and multiple marketing channels and partnerships, she is an expert on all things HYLETE and is excited to share why she’s passionate about working for a brand that is focused on connecting with its community.

We chat about:
– What is HYLETE
– Alicia completing her first half marathon (the HYLETE gear she trained in, the HYLETE gear she competed in)
– Alicia’s and Tina’s favorite HYLETE products and HYLETE bestsellers (the Iris Short for women and Fuse Short for men)

Plus many other favorite training gear:
Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe
Nimbus II Tight
Luna Tight
Iris Short
Versa Short
Altium II Sports Bra
Linear Tech II Hoodie

● To learn more and order some gear for yourself, visit https://glnk.io/4o79/tinahauperthylete

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