I used to get so angry and frustrated when people told me that I needed to ‘manage my stress.’ Like, what did that mean exactly? How the heck could I manage stress when I had so much on my plate? It all seemed super overwhelming, and I honestly didn’t see a way out of the stress-filled life that I was currently living.

It wasn’t until my health got so, so, so bad that I was literally forced to make changes. It was such a low point in my life, I don’t want anyone to experience a similar health scare, so I decided to share some of the things I *actually* did to get a better handle of the stress in my life.

I share more than 20 different ideas (some big, some small) as well as plenty of mindset and behaviors shifts that eventually made the difference.

As I always say… it’s never one thing, so hopefully this episode gives you some ideas for working towards a better balance with the stress in your life. And remember to give yourself time, patience, and grace with the process. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen. Hang in there!



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