One of the biggest mistakes I see when women are trying to lose weight is hopping from diet to diet to diet. Depriving your body of calories is veryyyy stressful on the body. So how long should your cut last?

Well, you need to earn the right to diet.

In fact, most of your life should be spent in maintenance and a cut should only happen about once or twice per year. Yes, dieting over and over again will not get you the results that you want. But this is not to say that you can never cut. Cutting should be ONE phase of many nutrition phases that you embark on throughout the year. 


How long should your cut last?

When it’s time to cut and your body (and overall health) is ready to cut, here are some factors to consider for your cut length:


  • You have trouble with consistency
  • You hate restriction
  • You have a deadline/event/vacation coming up
  • You don’t like tracking your food
  • You don’t like cardio
  • You tend to be ‘all or nothing’ with your approach and mindset
  • You don’t mind changing your life temporarily to get results
  • Your life isn’t crazy-busy
  • You don’t have much weight to lose
  • You just finished a bulk phase
  • You spent a decent amount of time in maintenance
  • You tend to be someone who quits and loses motivation


  • You don’t want a diet to interfere with your life too much
  • You don’t want a cut to affect your social life (i.e. upcoming girls’ weekend, your birthday)
  • You enjoy tracking your food, meal prep, etc.
  • You like the accountability and structure of tracking your food, having a plan, etc.
  • You want to be able to make tweaks to your cut
  • Your calories are high and you have plenty of room to cut
  • You don’t like to be hungry/you don’t like restriction
  • Your life is fairly busy and you know you can’t give 100% effort all the time
  • You want the cut to be easy
  • You have a significant amount of weight to lose
  • You understand that the slower you lose, the easier it is to maintain

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