Have you ever tracked macros?


Some women use them and get amazing results when it comes to their fat loss goals.


But other women… not so much.


In fact, their whole macro experience can be described as frustrating and unsuccessful because they didn’t see the results they thought they should and failing to ‘hit their macros’ made them feel like crap.


Ohhhh, girl, I get this and can relate on so many levels.


Please know that you are not alone in your experience… and please don’t give up on macros just yet. Let’s just say, there are so many macro misconceptions out there! 


Like a lot of things in life, you can use macros the ‘right’ way as an judgement-free, data-driven tool or abuse the hell out of them.


Yes, that’s right. I’ve seen some major macro abuse over the years, so I took the time last week to clear up some misconceptions and misinformation about this tool that we love so much at CNC.


Macro Misconceptions Videos


If you’re new to macros or a veteran who is considering giving them a try again, I encourage you to watch my short video series that I recorded last week over on Instagram.



As a FDN practitioner, macro lover and nutrition coach, I know there are some very simple tweaks you can make with your diet that will push you past a plateau and help you actually ENJOY your experience with macros.


This is especially important if you’re discouraged by a lack of results despite eating healthy, exercising, and even counting calories.


If you’re sick of starting over again and again and want a long-term solution, my FREE webinar is for you!


WHEN: Thursday, September 15 at 12:00 PM EST

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Learn what truly moves the dial when it comes to physique change and how best to adjust your approach to get the results that you want.


I know Thursday at noon EST might be tough for some people to attend live, so I’m recording the training and will email it out on Thursday afternoon, so you can watch or listen on your own time. ⁠


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