Transformation of the Day: Ash lost 25 pounds with healthy eating, habits, exercise, and a new mindset. She was tired of lacking confidence, having acne and other skin issues, and leaving dressing rooms feeling discouraged. In October 2020, she started her journey with help from her wellness coach. Today she is more disciplined, and she’s learned the power of consistency, intentionality, and focus.

Ash before and after weight loss

What was your starting weight?
My starting weight was 187 pounds, and I NOW weigh 162 pounds. Altogether, I’ve lost 25 pounds & 6.1% body fat. 

What is your height?
I’m 5’5”

When did you start your journey?
I began my journey almost a year and a half ago, in October 2020. YES, in the middle of the pandemic. I was overweight. I was also being challenged with a bad case of Eczema, acne, and dark spots. My hair wasn’t growing (I later found out it resulted from my nutrition). 

I wasn’t as CONFIDENT in my skin as I wanted to be, and my lack of discipline affected every area of my life. I was suffering silently while still enjoying all the UNHEALTHY food I could! I was tired of not fitting my clothes, always having to cover up, and leaving dressing rooms feeling SUPER discouraged because nothing looked good on me. It was time for me to make a change. 

Ash before and after weight loss

Workout + Meal plan:
I worked with an amazing wellness coach, Tennille, who custom-designed a plan for me. She’s incredible! I was SO new to the entire world of meal planning! The first time I did it, it took me OVER 2 hours, and I almost wanted to QUIT before l even got started! Lol (Now, I meal prep in about an hour) 

I consume a specific amount of PROTEIN, HEALTHY CARBS, & VEGGIES daily! I also drink half my body weight in water with apple cider vinegar and a lemon &/or lime. I make sure I take my necessary daily vitamins as well. I stay away from sweets, salt, and anything else that will make me fat, lol. I’ll enjoy myself for special occasions, etc. However, l try to stick to my meal plan. This is a LIFESTYLE for me, not just a diet. 

Regarding my WORKOUT plan…My goal is to work out five days a week. I lift weights EVERY DAY and do 15 min of HIIT cardio in addition to that twice a week. When I began in 2020, all of the gyms were shut down, so I had to stick to ONLY doing HIIT workouts at home. I lost about 15-20 pounds doing THAT. 

Weightlifting has ABSOLUTELY changed my life though. I wish more women weren’t afraid of it and actually gave it a try. Your body will COMPLETELY transform, and you’ll start to fill out in ALL the right places! 

What was your motivation? What inspired you to keep going, even when you wanted to give up?
I remember doing SO well the first 2-3 months initially, and then the HOLIDAYS happened. I TOTALLY got off track for MONTHS. I gained about 10 pounds during that time frame and then maintained for about ten months. I still LOOKED skinny, but l knew l wasn’t DISCIPLINED like l needed to be. It wasn’t until January of THIS year that l kicked the year off with a fast/detox and lost 15 pounds! I have continued to lose/cut body fat and inches. I am on my way to my GOAL weight and body! 

I shared all of that because l like to keep it REAL and not only share my WINS but also my flaws! What has inspired me to keep going is learning that DISCIPLINE is what will get me from where l am to where l desire to be! I may not always be MOTIVATED, but l can’t live by my feelings. I know what my goals are. I KNOW what l desire my body to LOOK like. My CONFIDENCE has increased! My self-worth has elevated! Because of my discipline with fitness, I’m now more disciplined in a lot MORE areas of my life.

I’m learning that transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It requires consistency, intentionality, and focus! It also requires vision! It requires a bunch of SACRIFICE too. It’s not always EASY, but it’s always WORTH it! All of the hard work is NECESSARY. 

What advice do you have for women who want to lose weight? If you are reading this and need some encouragement, remember that you actually CAN do this! NOTHING is impossible! 

I’ve come SO far! My body has transformed so much and continues to do so DAILY! Your transformation isn’t in the BIG moments; it’s in the LITTLE decisions you make every day when no one is watching. It’s choosing to stick to your meal plan when you want a burrito! It’s choosing to get a Passion tea (with NO lemonade) at Starbucks when you’d rather order a Caramel Frappuccino. It’s in the little moments. If you can have self-control, stay focused, and stay DISCIPLINED, you can truly do ANYTHING! I’m cheering you on, girl! 

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