Wondering if you’re in perimenopause? Same girl, same… I’m 42 next week! 🤪

If you’re in your late 30s or early 40s, you’re not imagining things. Something IS changing with your brain, body, and hormones! ⁠

Do you have any of these symptoms?⁠

  • Irregular periods or skipped period⁠
  • Periods that are heavier or lighter than usual⁠
  • Vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex⁠
  • Urinary urgency ⁠
  • Mood changes⁠
  • Vaginal and bladder problems⁠
  • Changing cholesterol levels⁠

Are you in perimenopause?

This change isn’t a single event, but a process called perimenopause, and I feel like it’s not talked about enough. If anything, women (myself included) don’t fully understand what happens to their bodies and often suffer through symptoms with little help from their doctors. ⁠

But it doesn’t have to be this way!!⁠

First, please know that many of the symptoms are temporary and perimenopause is a sequence of events. ⁠

  1. Start losing progesterone
  2. High and fluctuating estrogen⁠
  3. Lower estrogen⁠
  4. Possible insulin resistance ⁠(and weight gain)

How to make the transition easier ⁠

▶Manage stress⁠
▶Stop scrolling and go the F to sleep ⁠
▶Keep blood sugar balanced by eating protein and fiber with every meal ⁠
▶Get daily movement and sunshine ⁠
▶Support your gut and liver by consuming caffeine and alcohol in moderation ⁠
▶Supplement with progesterone ⁠
▶Run a comprehensive hormone jutest ⁠

On average, the perimenopause transition takes about 7 years, so it’s important to get your ducks in a row to make sure you feel your best and don’t suffer with symptoms!⁠

Feeling stuck? This is exactly what we do! We help women balance their hormones, especially during perimenopause, to help them feel their best and achieve their body composition goals.⁠

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