Ok, let’s get brutally honest….

You know what to do, but you’re not doing it. 

Whomp whomp… 

Likely, you know what you need to do to get to your goals, but for whatever reason, you’re not doing the things. 

Ok, maybe you are in some capacity, but you’re not doing them CONSISTENTLY. 

Girl, I gotchu. 

Maybe you’ve fallen off track… don’t worry. That’s totally normal and it happens to everyone. 

But don’t waste one second beating yourself up about it!! 

Instead, think about these 3 things and shift your mindset RIGHT NOW…


  1. Leave the perfectionist mentality behind. It’s not all or nothing. That is so damaging to your progress. Setbacks are part of the journey so it’s crazy to think you’ll never ever slip up! What matters most is how we respond and move forward from those setbacks. One day at time. 
  2. Remember how good it felt to be ‘on track’ and be intentional to take good care of yourself. Making good food choices, exercising, getting compliments from friends and family, hitting PRs in the gym, buying a smaller size… you were THERE! You were doing the things and seeing progress. Remember how it felt and think of getting back to that feeling as your well-deserved and 100% necessary self-care!
  3. Act in alignment of who you want to be. What would the person you want to be do in your situation? Now, do things in alignment with that. Eat in alignment, exercise, rest, etc. Who do you want to be? Are your actions helping you become the person you want to be and will those actions help you reach your goals? If not, change something!

I bet if you really take a step back, you’ll see that you know what to do. 

You’ve done it before. 

You’ve just got to tap back into that feeling again and simply do it.

One more thing… these ‘on track’ habits are likely different from what you’re used to doing, which means they likely feel UNCOMFORTABLE. 

That’s okay! Lean into it, accept the discomfort, and TAKE ACTION toward making progress! 

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