1. Spicy Mexican Charro Beans by The Spruce Eats

Via The Spruce Eats

Did you know that eating spicy foods helps in making you feel warm after? That’s why it’s always a good idea to have them during cold weather. This easy recipe that hails from Mexico is such a good example – totally rich in flavour and with just enough spicy kick, it’s a recipe that you would definitely enjoy. PS modification tips are also indicated!

2. Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Soup by Foodie Crush

Via Foodie Crush

Having a slow cooker is probably the best thing that ever happened to anyone. It’s convenient and would always have easy and flavourful recipes available for you to try. This Thai Chicken Soup is one of those recipes! You’ll never go wrong with the combination of curry paste, coconut milk, ginger and lime.

3. Italian Beef Stew by Food For Fitness

Via Food for Fitness

Of course, we wouldn’t want to leave out one of Scott’s famous recipe. This Italian Beef Stew is packed with protein and very easy to make – the main reason that we have this one included in the Fat Loss Challenge.

4. Pumpkin Chili by A Cozy Kitchen

Via A Cozy Kitchen

This is probably one of the simplest chili recipe that we’ve seen. It’s delicious, thick and hearty which you can also make on an instant pot or on the stovetop. Just serve this with a bread on the side and you’re good to go.

5. Pork Stew (One Pot Comfort Food) by Gonna Want Seconds

Via Gonna Want Seconds

You can never go wrong with an easy pork stew recipe! Although beef stew is pretty much more popular when it comes to ‘stew recipes’, this recipe is full of flavour and everyone adores it. One of the best comfort foods this cold season.

6. Instant Pot Hamburger Soup by Fit Foodie Finds

Via Fit Foodie Finds

Here’s a good weeknight meal for you to try. This hamburger soup is packed with protein and veggies – a perfect combo of a healthy warm meal. Using your instant pot, you can have this meal ready in less than an hour! How quick and easy is that?

7. Portuguese Fish Stew by Feasting at Home

Via Feasting at Home

A delicious fish stew recipe that hails from Portugal, more commonly known as Caldeirada. This can be made using fish or shellfish and with just enough potatoes too. Enjoy this fragrant yet simple dish this winter time that’s best paired with a crusty bread.

8. Vegetarian Tuscan Bean Stew by Sweet Peas Kitchen

Via Sweat Peas Kitchen

This bean stew may take some time to prepare but we think the wait is worth it! If you’re trying to have a healthy and delicious warm soup, this is the perfect one for you. This Vegetarian Tuscan Bean Stew is full of flavour and would definitely be a good option for those who are watching what they eat.

9. Vegan Warming Lentil Stew by Always Nourished

Via Nourished The Blog

In case you want a quicker option when it comes to vegetarian/vegan stew, this recipe is just the right one for you. It’s made vegan and gluten-free with green lentils and lots of veggies and herbs so you won’t worry about having a bland finished product! Simply delicious.

10. Easy Crockpot Meatball Stew by Family Fresh Meals

Via Family Fresh Meals

Your beef stew doesn’t have to be boring! This meatball stew is a sure way of getting your kids’ attention at the dinner table. Packed with protein and veggies and paired with noodles, it’s a healthy meal for the whole family.

11. Cauliflower Lentil Stew by Lucy and Lentils

Via Lucy and Lentils

Here’s another vegan and gluten-free lentil stew for you to try. Easy and refreshing, this lentil stew is packed with protein and with just the right amount of cauliflower goodness.

12. Healthy Breakfast Casserole by Cookie and Kate

Via Cookie and Kate

Now this might be something a bit different from the recipes in the list. Perfect for those who are looking for healthy and quick breakfast option when you’re on the go. You can prep this in advance or serve it anytime. Deliciously packed with protein and flavour at the same time!

13. Chicken Wild Rice Casserole by Pinch of Yum

Via Pinch of Yum

This wild rice casserole is perfect for people who are looking for the best comfort food out there using real food! A recipe made with all natural and healthy ingredients, you wouldn’t even know if it’s real cause it’s just full of flavour!

14. Spicy Tomato Pasta Stew by Healthy Happy Life

Via Healthy Happy Life

A spicy vegan recipe that will totally warm you up this winter! Serve it with a toast or biscuits and you got a perfect comfort food for the night.

15. Slow Cooker Italian Meat & Fennel Ragu (Ragu Di Maiale e Manzo) by Food For Fitness

Via The High Protein Handbook

This quick and easy ragu recipe is perfect for any pasta – although we do believe that you can pair it with any carbs that you prefer. An Italian recipe that’s definitely tasty and packed with protein.

16.Healthy Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole by Yummy Addiction

Via Yummy Addiction

Another rice casserole that’s healthy and packed with protein. You’ll definitely enjoy this creamy, cheesy and comforting dish with the whole family. You’ll never go wrong with this delicious recipe!

17. Leftover Turkey Soup by The Pioneer Woman

Via The Pioneer Woman

Now this might be a bit early but better give you new recipe idea for that leftover turkey! Instead of having your typical turkey sandwiches, why not have this hearty and warm soup instead?

18. Brazilian Paprika Chicken Stew by Olivia’s Cuisine

Via Olivian Cuisine

Who doesn’t like one-pot recipes? To be honest, it’s one of the best type of recipes ever existed! This Brazilian Paprika Chicken is just a good example. Very easy to make and definitely tasty, you can easily modify the spiciness of this dish.

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